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West Herts ABC and Educational Support CIC Frequently Asked Questions.

Depending on the class, we accept 6 years old upwards. Build Your Bond Sessions accept all ages but parents must stay with their children, listen to the safety briefing and adhere to our rules. However, we do recommend ages of 3 years old upwards for this session.

Sessions have been set according to certain criteria such as age or activity. Grassroots (6-10 years old, mixed), Juniors (11-16 years old, mixed), Adults (17+ years old, mixed), women only, Spin Class (17+ years old, mixed), Build Your Bond (all ages, mixed), Amateurs (11+ years old).
Please view timetable here

Not at all. A lot of our members are absolute beginners who have never put on gloves and come for the fitness aspect only. Boxing is the ultimate get fit sport that exercises your whole body.
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As with any other sports or gyms you visit; comfortable, loose fitted and breathable clothing is advised. Trainers are fine but if you come regularly, you may want to invest in some boxing shoes/boots.

We’d recommend a spare T-Shirt or hoodie as you will get sweaty! Feel free to bring a face towel for wiping in between rounds.

If it’s your first session, you just need to bring yourself and a drink! We will provide you with gloves and other items for the class. If you come regularly, we suggest you buy hand wraps, gloves and a skipping rope. If you want to spar, you need a mouthguard and a head guard. We do sell all these items so please ask if you want to purchase anything.

Online booking will soon be available. In the meantime, please call us on 07504 211 725  or  01923 549 089

Technical sparring can begin at an early age if the parent and child are comfortable and if the instructor thinks the student is ready. Technical sparring is done at a slow pace with both sparring partners being told what to throw and what to block so they know in advance how to act.

You will only spar when you feel comfortable and if the instructor believes you are ready. Technical sparring is the first step on the way to sparring. If this is your aim, we will slowly build the steps up until you are comfortable, confident and ready.

Yes we do personal training sessions. You can choose your PT and the prices are as follows:
£35 per hour for a private 1-to-1
£350 for 12 hours private 1-to-1
£50 per hour for 2 clients
£65 per hour for a group of 3 clients

Yes, we have a couple of women instructors that run classes during the day and also in the evening.
Please view the timetable

New rules have been published on our site and are displayed throughout our facility.
Please go to our section here to read about our safety measures in place.

Our studio is available for hire for PT’s, other instructors, birthday parties, events and more. For parties and events, we can also provide food, entertainment and other services depending on your requirements. Please call 01923 549 089 to find out about pricing.

Please note, Parking restrictions do not apply on nearby roads namely The Harebreaks, Saint Georges Road, Judge Street and all roads which are close by to West Herts ABC.

We will ask all users to be considerate for local residents and not to block any driveways or private parking.

Please where appropriate and where possible for all nearby users, you can leave cars parked at home and use other means to come for your sessions i.e. cycle, walk, or jog.

Remember the more you put in the more you get out! a nice walk or jog to the start of your session can count as your warm up.